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At Generation Creative, we are passionate about helping young adults interested in pursuing a career in a creative discipline overcome negative stigmas associated with arts & humanity fields. Often times, many of these stigmas come from familial, peer, and societal pressures, however through our digital storytelling campaign, we hope to support, motivate, and educate both young adults and their parents about the pathway to self-fulfillment through creative outlets. We hope to establish a local community that can help other young adults strive for what makes all of us happy which is being creative.


Generation Creative was founded by Anna Dong, Darby Vance, and Mischa Aurita as a part of the Obama Foundation’s Community Leadership Corps program in Phoenix, Arizona. We all developed this project because it was close to our hearts and hope to establish a local community of creatives that can support, motivate, and guide other young adults to strive for what makes them happy.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
— Henry Ford

The Community Leadership Corps program was designed to empower and train young leaders to create the world they want to live in by working to address an issue in their community. To learn more about the program, visit