Creativity, yes. Boba, yes. Be a part of a grant proposal, most definitely yes.


Today we met with Megan Workman, Director of Student Engagement for the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University (ASU). Having a conversation over some boba, we talked about being a part of a grant proposal for the Schmidt Futures Grant at ASU.

As undergrads, Darby and I worked as upperclassman student leaders, with the guidance of Megan, to plan events and programs that helped foster creative communities within the arts & design residential halls on the ASU Tempe campus.

Megan had approached us to be a partner in this grant proposal because she was working on a similar project about professional exploration and financial education geared to exposure in the creative fields. She noticed what we were working on for Generation Creative through our social media and thought we would be a perfect addition to the grant proposal.

The grant proposal would seek to form an intergenerational center focusing on professional exploration in creative fields, financial resiliency education, and research/development to engage arts/design students, their families, alumni, pre-college local students, and community partners. The goal of this proposal would be to impact long-term financial wellness and expand opportunities for sustainable career pathways within creative fields for individuals, their households, and their communities.

We loved the idea of being a part of the community engagement component of the project, where we would help to encourage professional career exploration in creative fields. The grant proposal would also work with other community members as well such as the Phoenix Art Museum, MidFirst Bank, The Leading Tone, and so many more. It was awesome talking to Megan, because she is such an advocate for young adults and the creative community in Arizona. After the grant discussion, we were able to talk about our project more she helped put us in contact with a few local musicians we could connect with for future Generation Creative videos. Overall, it was great catching up with Megan and now being a part of this grant proposal! We will hear the results of the grant proposal soon, fingers crossed!